Proving Plate Tectonics-Earthquake

Earthquakes can be caused by many things such as plate tectonics,volcanic activity,meteor crashes,and some man made activities.However we will be focusing on the earthquakes caused by tectonic plate activity.Earthquakes can happen along any type of plate boundary.They occur when tension is released from inside the crust.However,they are strongest during a plate collision at convergent plate boundaries.

Earthquakes mainly happen along fault lines.Faults are cracks in the earth’s crust where sections of a plate(or two plates) are moving in different directions. Faults mark the area in which the plate has moved,and earthquakes signal that the plate is currently moving.If  faults form when two plates(or sections of a plate) interacted with each other,and earthquakes show that these are currently moving,then earthquakes are good evidence to support the theory of plate tectonics.

Chemical Reaction Inquiry Lab

The chemical reaction inquiry lab was an activity/project that we did to test the scientific method.We were researching to see which combination of materials we were given would create the largest change in temperature.The material combinations I used were baking soda+vinegar,and calcium chloride+baking soda+cabbage juice. The vinegar and baking soda mixture created a white foam that almost spilled out of the beaker,other people did this mixture too and all of theirs spilled out of the beaker.The second mixture I did turned into this foam that had a pretty light purple color fading into blue and you could feel it getting warm if you touched it.I learned that mixing vinegar,calcium chloride/epsom salts,and water can create almost boiling hot water.

Here are some links to videos demonstrating the baking soda and vinegar mixture:

I really enjoyed this experiment and observing the different reactions.